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Naked Wines Leverages Geotargeting to Maximize Campaign Effectiveness with Acast’s Sponsorship+ Offering

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Group Business Director, East Coast - Jennifer Finger
February 21, 2023

In the second half of 2022, Naked Wines launched a six-figure podcast ad campaign using Acast’s Sponsorship+ feature to boost authentic customer connections amongst podcast listeners. The ads, voiced by Acast podcasters Mark Bittman (Food with Mark Bitman), Sally Helm (HISTORY this Week), and Ana Kasparian (The Young Turks), exceeded campaign delivery and the Washington, DC audience was a regional driver or this success claiming 76% of the total campaign impressions.

Acast’s Sponsorship+ feature is influencer marketing at scale, with host-read sponsorships appearing both in that host’s own podcast, and in other shows across the Acast network. It gives brands the power to get even closer to listeners through geotargeting, with host-read sponsorships across specified markets and categorical collections. 

For this six month campaign, Naked Wines was eager to make granular, scalable connections with Acast podcast listeners. Specifically, the brand wanted to reach listeners in Washington, D.C. and Denver, CO, between the ages of 35 and 64, who typically consume new content across comedy, documentary, and history collections, and who purchase wines in the $10-30 range. 

With direction from the Acast sales team, Naked Wines utilized the Sponsorship+ feature for its geotargeting capabilities. From June to November, podcast listeners in Washington D.C. and Denver, CO heard Naked Wines ads automatically served on shows across three distinct podcast collections: Curious Thinkers, Storytelling, and the Daily Briefing. 

At the conclusion of the campaign, Washington, DC reached 66% of total users and drove nearly 60% of total conversions. Across both Washington, DC and Denver, the Curious Thinkers collection claimed 40% of the total campaign reach and 46% of the total conversions. This included ads across popular Acast podcasts like Dungeons and Daddies, Motivation Daily, and The Lawfare Podcast.

“We have big goals and high aspirations when it comes to the future of the wine industry, so communicating with new and longtime consumers in effective and efficient ways is integral to everything that we do,” said Bryn Snelson, Naked’s Global Director of Brand. “With Acast’s Sponsorship+ and geotargeting technologies, we were able to allocate our budget to fit our brand needs and also measure the returns in key markets.”

Sponsorship+ associates brands with the most credible voices in podcasting, and delivers an average 42% increase in engagement and 2.2x better ad recall. Additionally, Sponsorship+ is a powerful tool for brands looking to increase direct sales. According to a study by Acast and Nielsen, 43% of US podcast listeners say they’re more likely to buy a product or service after hearing a podcast host promote it. 

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