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Sales Planners - The Matchmakers of Podcasting

From targeting and creative development to measurement, we offer the most advanced solutions to make your podcast campaign a success.

Amelia Chapman
August 1, 2023

Sales planning is like matchmaking. In this case, we are bringing together brands looking for love in the intimate and one-on-one podcasting environment and our incredible network of Acast-hosted shows.

At Acast, it’s our job to find brands and podcasters their perfect match and watch their relationship blossom into a love affair. Romantic, isn’t it? For those of you who enjoy a good love story, read on to learn how we make the podcast pairing happen.


My name is Amelia, and I’m a Sales Planner at Acast. We are part of the Sales Team working pre-sale to ensure every media brief matches with the right podcaster.

Instead of sliding into our DMs, we love to receive a detailed media brief in our inbox. The briefing process is arguably the most critical step of the planning process to ensure we have as much detail as possible. So, what’s the objective? Are you looking for something casual or a long-term partnership? How much are you willing to spend? What kind of people do you want to attract? We love to know it all - from the likes, dislikes and even icks - so we can find the best podcast for the brief.

We also like to dig the dirt on exes - or in this case, competitors - and provide you with the collateral and intel you need to overcome business challenges and keep your brands at the forefront of their given sector.


The pool of suitors is big here at Acast, with over 100,000 podcasts (globally) to choose from.

Is the brand looking for someone who wears glasses? Is your target customer a dog person, or are you looking for someone who loves a holiday? We take all these details and start the small talk with selected podcasters to ensure the brand and podcaster have the same interest in creating an authentic connection and reaching the right audience.

Not sold? Sometimes the brand isn’t either, and just as you would talk to your close friends to vet a potential suitor, we leave emotions at the door and reach out to our Insights team to ensure the podcaster is the perfect fit based on data too. 

We’ve all heard size matters, but it’s not necessarily the same case when it comes to podcasting. We look to partner brands with the podcaster who fits them best. Yes, we have podcasters for the brands looking for a broad audience, a significant social following and celebrity status - but we also have podcasts for those brands wanting to engage with a smaller collective community of like-minded listeners. All provide consistent weekly listens and an authentic connection with the brand.


Once the match has been established, we look at availability. Sometimes our podcasters have thriving social calendars and commitments, so ensuring they’re on-season and keen for a date is essential so all recordings can be made before the live date. 

There are many positives to pairing with a podcaster. They allow for creative freedom in scripting, so you can skip the small talk and dive right into what matters for your brand. Communication is vital for every relationship, and this is crucial to our role to make sure we have briefed all podcasters as part of the plan and ensure we have a big tick from the podcasters before the brand says yes. 

It can be daunting sending the first text, and that’s where the Acast Creative Team comes in. Not just for moral support to press send but making sure the creative idea fits the brand. They bring all the bells and whistles to make the concept and content stand out and catch the brand and audience’s attention.

It would be remiss not to mention red flags because we’ve all been there - and in our day job, there are a few to consider. Time pressures can be complex, so the longer the lead time we can have on a brief helps us to formulate the best response. We also appreciate a swift sign-off too so that we can get the first date into the calendar and everyone can start deciding what to wear and say on the big day.

Taking the first step is a leap of faith. Still, you can feel security with us knowing we have brand safety measures in place and brand approval processes, so you don’t feel like you’re jumping into the deep end of the podcast pool of love.

So there’s an insight into the podcast planning process. At Acast, we love to work with brands, big or small, to bring the most effective and creative campaigns to life. Hopefully, this has made you think about where your head is at for your next campaign or your next actual date.

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