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Industry-leading podcast advertising capabilities to connect with your ideal audience

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Podcast Advertising Platforms
Acast Target Audience
Reach your ideal audience

Acast has the most advanced targeting capabilities in the industry. Target by location, language, age, interests, device, and the exact genre or show you want to reach. Run your message across a curated collection of shows or target your ideal customers using Acast's audience segments powered by third-party behavioral, attitudinal and purchase data. Buy ads programmatically via the most advanced offering in the industry, Acast Automated.

Conversational Targeting

Say hello to the industry's most innovative ad targeting with our Conversational Targeting suite of capabilities.

Through brand-safe, privacy-safe solutions, we’re helping advertisers reach the right listeners, within the most relevant conversations taking place across our network of 92,000 podcasts.

This means you can now target conversations and not individual users, positioning your brand in the most relevant way possible by putting it at the heart of the conversation.

Bring your own data

Find your exact audience with first party data matching across all listening apps. Acast is the only podcast marketplace that offers a data onboarding solution from the world's most recognized data providers.

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Acast Target Audience
Creative that Converts

Beyond the podcast. Extend your reach into our talent's wider ecosystems with their audiences across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and in live events. Work with our award-winning in-house creative team - Acast Creative - on a custom plan tailored for your brand.

Your Values
We work with our partners to identify the values and attributes that have the power to turn a brand or product into the core of a community.
Our Talent
Deep relationships with creators gives us a front seat to their dearest, hopes, dreams and life goals. Armed with the knowledge of who’s getting married, moving, having a baby, planning a team vacation – often before their listeners even know! – Acast Creative is the matchmaker you can depend on to find the real and resonant talent-led stories.
Their Stories
Together, we can bring creators’ stories to life through the lens of your brand with thematic alignment, product integration, sound design, sonic branding and so much more.

Need help?

We got you covered. Just let us know and we can handle everything from scripting to recording and finishing your creative for you.

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Acast Target Audience
Measure your campaign's effectiveness

Every Acast campaign recommendation is data-driven and customized - by our in-house Acast Intelligence team - to find the perfect solution for your specific audience and media objectives.

Conversion Attribution

Track the true ROI of your podcast campaigns, no matter your objective. Acast works with all the major attribution partners so you can easily measure efficacy across the full funnel.

Brand Studies

Understand how your podcast campaign has improved your brand's awareness and consideration with your target audience.

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Acast puts your audience first


Acast offers exclusive reach

With 92K exclusive shows and over 430MM monthly listeners that you can only access through Acast


Acast reaches listeners across every platform

Your message will reach your target audience wherever they listen to podcasts - Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and dozens of other platforms

Acast Advertising

Acast is cutting-edge

With the most advanced targeting and attribution capabilities in the industry, there's a reason we’ve been named among Ad Exchanger’s "Most Innovative in Audio Advertising"

Podcast Advertising Examples

Acast connects your brand to the most relevant audience, wherever they listen to podcasts

Join the thousands of advertisers who already reach our millions of listeners to 92,000 exclusive shows

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