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Brewdog achieves 76% in purchase consideration following partnership with Peter Crouch and Acast

Brewdog Success Stories
Media mix
Brand vertical
Brand awareness, purchase consideration
Flight dates
18-4-22 to 10-7-22
Ad formats
Sponsorship, Sponorship+, Branded Segment

Brewdog achieves 76% in purchase consideration following partnership with Peter Crouch and Acast


purchase consideration


prompted brand awareness

The brief

Brewdog's goal was to increase brand awareness of Brewdog (and their products) amongst premium lager drinkers.

What we did

A simple idea had emerged from The Peter Crouch podcast, in which Peter suggested a combination of lager and stout to create a ‘beer cocktail’. An inside joke that started on the podcast then grew legs as Brewdog stepped in to create this beer in support of Peter Crouch’s idea: and Laout was born. Brewdog stepped in to create and launch this product, partnering with The Peter Crouch Podcast and Craft Media to reach their target audience.

To support the launch, a 12 week partnership was undertaken across all of Acast’s ad product offerings: branded segments, Sponsorship and Sponsorship+. This was Brewdog’s first commercial partnership with the show, giving them full access to Peter Crouch as a popular podcast voice.

12 branded segments were baked into every episode of The Peter Crouch Podcast for maximum impact. This included taking the listeners through the journey of the Laout creation process,including taste tests and marketing slogans (which made it on to Waterloo Motion!)

Sponsorship enabled the hosts to personally endorse the product, dynamically served in the pre roll slot for the rest of the series. ​​Sponsorship+ meant that out of show host reads were created to target contextually relevant podcasts, maximizing the reach of the brand message.

Brewdog also used Twitter and Instagram to amplify the campaign, with encouragement of user generated content among die-hard Laout fans.

The result

There was serious growth in consideration, as those exposed were 76% more likely to consider Brewdog - a 29% increase - and it grew by 7 percentage points among Premium Lager Drinkers. The listeners were also 79% more likely to associate Brewdog with Quality Craftmanship. There was also a 14% increase in prompted brand awareness for Brewdog.

68% of the listeners were able to recall the campaign, and the partnership between The Peter Crouch Podcast and Brewdog was very well liked, driving listeners to try Brewdog in the future.LAOUT became BrewDog’s fastest selling beer. The first batch sold out in less than 2 hours; BrewDog were selling two cans of Laout per SECOND 55% of the orders came from new customers who had never bought through eComm from BrewDog before. Across social, there was strong engagement on the channels, with key results below:

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